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Drake sat down for a 2-hour interview with Rap Radar. It was your classic Drake interview where he gives you narcissism, narrative control, and 48 Laws of Power. I could breakdown how salty he was when speaking about Pusha T, him being upset over not being celebrated enough, or how he talked about music being a collaborative effort, but he pens all his hits. But, I want to talk about a topic that most in the media seem afraid to talk about.

Drake vs Nicki Minaj

Drake mentioned Nicki Minaj a few times in this interview. Drake confirmed that the Meek beef put a TOLL on their relationship, FOREVER. Elliott Wilson and B. Dot did not do a follow-up question, and I do not understand that. You have two legends who came up under Lil Wayne's mentorship, and you're not a little bit curious as to why they are not on speaking terms?

Below are the clips of when Drake spoke on Nicki Minaj and my thoughts.



Drake was asked about the time Lil Wayne went to jail. He really pumped himself up as the one who kept Young Money going in Lil Wayne's absence. He did mention Nicki, but it came off to me like he thought he kept Young Money afloat all by himself. It was a joint effort, Aubrey.


Drake on beef with Meek

Drake, Drake, Drake...

He is obviously accusing Nicki Minaj of pillow talking with Meek. Remember, I told y'all after "Scorpion" dropped, "That's How You Feel" is about Nicki. Don't let the sample fool ya'. He sings:

"Time gets to tick'n, and it takes a TOLL

Told you that I couldn't really draw the line

Lines ring'n; saying that you told him things

Things that you could've kept inside"

You heard Drake say in the clip, "coupled with whatever conversations were happening amongst him and his lady(Nicki)" when addressing why things went crazy with Meek. That fits in line with his opening verse on "That's How You Feel." Also, Drake said in a past interview with DJ Semtex, "due to some issue with Nicki, whatever, he decided to create a narrative that I do not write my own music." Drake is the one fueling this narrative that Nicki Minaj instigated the beef. Drake's story contradicts Meek recently saying the beef was drug-induced and not Nicki induced.

Since Drake thinks he is the smartest person in any room, he believes he knows who said what. Just like he wants to believe that Kanye told Pusha T about his son. Drake refuses to believe that maybe 40 did some pillow talking of his own. Drake needs to own up to being shady towards Meek because he wanted Nicki.

What Nicki needs to do is address this on her next album or in a freestyle. She does not need to say his name, the same way he did not say her name. I am hoping that the blackballing has taught her a lesson. Her ignoring issues does not make them go away. I do not want to hear about her Fendi Prints, how much she is worth, her stats until she addresses the sh*t people want answers to. For all I know, Nicki may have told Meek something (even though he denies it). Nonetheless, if she told Meek the TRUTH, then Drake needs to stop whining. But, so far, we only have ONE SIDE OF THE STORY.



In Drake's mind, he left Nicki out of his beef with Meek. However, two of the most popular lines from "Back to Back" are:

That is on par with his line in Duppy Freestyle, where he mentions Pusha T's wife. No, he did not mention Nicki by name, but everyone knows who he was referencing and what those lines were meant to do. So, Drake sees things one way, while reality sees it differently.



Drake admits that Rihanna is no longer in his life, we all know due to him being creepy, but he still shows her so much respect. Why is it so hard for him to do the same for Nicki? The Rihanna situation involved a beef with another artist, and she publicly shamed him. But, all his bitterness is towards Nicki. I wonder if it is because he knew Nicki was going to be blackballed, so he feels comfortable acting a certain way towards Nicki versus Rihanna....Hmmm. RiRi knows his ass is fake.





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That whole song was about Nicki, I kept telling people just cause he sampled her, it doesn’t mean shit. He is passive aggressive as he clearly had/has real feelings for Nicki and she has never given him that attention in that kind of a way. Whenever Nicki comes back into his life he gets in his feelings again and cannot control his emotions. In the past, He said on numerous occasions that Nicki would be a woman that he could see himself marrying, because she truly understands him. They spent a lot of time in young money together, and their relationship was not sexual/romantic. They got a chance to really get to know each other.


Yaya I agree fully with what you said concerning her being afraid of being too vulnerable. Cause she is still for some reason catching heat from songs like pills and potions and her talking about her abortions.


Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
Dec 26, 2019

@Kimro EXACTLY! She alluded to Drake doing something but never addressed what? So the media created a narrative that she was upset that Meek and Drake made up, which of course makes her look bitter. Nicki has said several things on Queen Radio, that if she put on an album she may have a HIP HOP classic.

But, I get she is scared. She mentioned in an interview that doing an introspective album is scary because an artist is putting themselves out there and the fans/critics may reject it. But, Nicki needs to go there IMO.


Dec 26, 2019

Neither of those songs you named she didnt address her "beef" with drake. Maybe lust but not why they dont talk anymore.

And yes yaya she was very vulnerable when talking about safaree that's what I want to hear.

Ol boy and my brother tried to end me dog... alright now tell us how

She has let this linger too long and let the niggas say their peace when she hasn't said a thing. Ion like that


Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
Dec 26, 2019

@fatima slick shots is not addressing the issue. I don't want slick talk that does not relate to the pubic. Nicki needs to explain HER SIDE of the story in a song. Not on Queen Radio, definitely not in no Twitter convo with her Barbz. The same way she addressed Safaree on PinkPrint. That is why she is struggling keeping rap fan interested. We like things addressed. I'm not talking a diss track. I'm talking a track expressing her hurt at being betrayed.

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