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DJ Akademiks, a Drake Stan, was on Twitch, where he talked about Drake being at crossroads. He said he spoke to some industry insiders, and they told him that Drake "knows it's about to be up and sh*t ain't hitting the way it used to." I applaud Drake for not having his head in the sand.

What really resonated with me was when DJ Akademiks repeated what he was told about this crossroads every artist goes through:

"Every rapper, historically, every rapper comes to this crossroad where now are you going to make age-appropriate material and continue to grow and age with your audience, or are you going to chase the kids?"

Drake assisted with the blackballing of Nicki Minaj to only end up at the same spot as her. They both have to make a decision, and so far, both have chosen to chase the kids. Drake gave us "Toosie Slide," and Nicki Minaj decided to prove she can twerk. But, as AK said, the kids will never love Drake more than they love NBA Youngboy. I will add that the kids will never love Nicki Minaj the way they love Megan Thee Stallion. That is not a diss, that is just the reality of things. Kids relate better to people closer to their age.

Do y'all think Drake and Nicki have one more chance with the kids or should they both move on to the more grown-up lane of rap?


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