Drake Reveals The Emoji Artwork For Certified Lover Boy


Drake posted multiple emojis of pregnant women with a caption telling us what we already knew - Certified Lover Boy drops this Friday.

Like Kanye, Drake pushed his album back multiple times to wait to see what his main competitors would do. Well, Kanye and Kendrick dropped new music, so now it's Drake's turn to prove if the fall-off talk was premature. But, first, let's talk about this alleged album cover.

Elliott Wilson posted that this is the confirmed cover art for CLB. Um...so we have a questionable album title with awful artwork? People are hoping that Drake is just trolling to get people talking. If this is true, that means Drake feels the need to troll...which is a sign of falling off.


I want a temperature check.

Do you all have a higher expectation for this album since it has been pushed back so much? It should be a classic for how long he has been working on it.

Is this the first time that Drake is going into an album without a lead smash-hit single? Drake does not have a song of his own out right now. There is no "God's Plan" or "In My Feelings."

Do you think he will regret not pushing a single first?


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