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Fivio Foreign's Baby Mama, Jasmine Giselle, Questions His Sexuality And Claims He Has STDs

Fivio Foreign's Baby Mama Claims He is Gay or Bisexual and Has STDs.



Fivio Foreign's baby mama, Jasmin Giselle, got a few things off her chest about the "City of Gods" rapper while on IG Live. First, Jasmine raised questions about the rapper's sexuality when she claimed to have found gay porn in his search history and exposed that during sex, he tells her to "gimme that dick." Then, if that was not detailed enough, she disclosed that someone Fivio feels comfortable with revealed that he likes "stuff in his butt."

Maybe Fivio just wants his g-spot tickled. An occasional pegging never hurt anybody.

Jasmin also alleged that Fivio Foreign stays at the clinic and always has band-aids on his ass from STD shots.

Full transparency, the two are involved in a child support battle. Also, Jasmine is the girl involved in that domestic violence situation back in 2020, when the neighbors called the cops. She came out and defended Fivio Foreign.



Oh, and before people start being performative by acting offended that a male rapper is called gay/bisexual, let me say this. Y'all don't have any problem when someone gets mad at a female rapper and claims she fck'd her way to success? Gay and straight men don't have an issue weaponizing sex or sexuality against Black women when their feelings get hurt, but when it's our turn to play, there are rules.


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