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From Brooklyn to VevoCtlr: Watch Lola Brooke's Raw VevoCtlr Performance of 'Just Relax'

Just when I thought I was done with NY rap girls and was looking forward to anyone blowing up but one of them, here comes Lola Muthafck'n Brooke, the 4'9" Brooklyn rapper running around like a Tasmanian devil. Her latest single, "Just Relax," is a perfect example of why she's making a solid case for the Queen of New York.

Recently, Lola stopped by VEVO's studios in New York for VevoCtlr, their performance series, to deliver her song the way it should be - just her and a microphone. Her flow is sharp, her lyrics are on point, and her confidence is contagious. Watching her do her thing, it's clear that she's putting NY Hip Hop back on the map in the right way.



If you're a fan of female rap and want to see someone killing it in the game, look no further than Lola Brooke. Check out her performance below and see for yourself why she's the one to watch.


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