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Glorilla Releases New Song "Nut Quick" Before EP "Anyways, Life's Great..." Drops This Friday


Glorilla is dropping her 9-track EP, "Anyways, Life's Great..." this Friday, and even with hit songs "FNF (Let's Go)" and "Tomorrow 2" featuring Cardi B on the project, Glorilla isn't done dropping music. Today, she surprised fans with "Nut Quick" off the soon-to-be-released EP.

Riding this ArayOnTheTrack beat using her signature flow, Glorilla raps:

"I think that I'm speakin' on 'em every time they see me drop (Hatin' ass)

Noddin' they head mad as hell knowin' they wanna give me props (Haha)

It's bitches that congratulate me knowin' they wanna see me flop."

We will see if this is another hit song.


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