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HEADLINE OR HEAD-LIE: TikToker Claims After Sex With Drake She Was Kicked Out For Trying To Film


Update 12/29 at 6:13 AM PST

Drake denies this story via IG story and says, "I hope people start doing more with the one life we are given shit is sad out here."

What is sad is you niggas in Hip Hop always trying to bully women and then can't handle a Lil storytime.

Drake Denies Flying Out TikToker.



A TikToker went viral after she claimed Drake flewed her out, rubbed her belly, went raw dog, and then kicked her out when he caught her trying to film him. She said Drake slapped the phone out of her hand.. aggressively.

Sounds like an expected Drake date to me, and even if she is lying, it is still an amusing story...LOL!

Twitter, per usual, is stuck between this girl breaking an NDA and dropping the bag.

What do you think?


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