Hollywood Unlocked's Jason Lee Reveals Cardi B Lied About Being Happily Married


Hollywood Unlocked's Jason Lee revealed that Cardi B filing for divorce was not a spur of the moment thing. He said that Cardi B was at a point where she had "taken what she can take. She had given what she can give." He added that she is a homebody and wasn't happy in Atlanta...blah, blah, blah.

It's apparent that the Keyser Soze of female rap's new storyline will be that of the fed-up wife who left her man, became stronger, and maybe forgave him. We haven't gotten that far into the storyline, but we know she wants her Lemonade narrative. All of the Cardi approved blogs are pushing similar details. Offset did not get another woman pregnant, Offset didn't cheat (maybe). Cardi B was just fed-up, but about what is unclear. We are left to our imaginations, which is what I think she wants. It gives her the option to say people are lying on her.

Isn't it interesting that Cardi B's side is working hard to essentially clear Offset's name, while Offset is posting rockstar photos of himself? Could this be because they want to set it up for her to take him back at some point? You can't have his name dragged through the mud too much.

I will give Cardi B and her team credit for recognizing that fans need a storyline to follow. There is always some drama or a narrative surrounding Cardi B. First, it was the David and Goliath storyline. Little Cardi B vs. the big bad Nicki Minaj. Next, it was the Lauryn Hill story when she got knocked up. I even heard rumors that her Grammy reel was connecting her to the L-Boogie. Now, she is going to nibble off Beyonce.

The problem Ole Girl will have is that she is so nasty to people, and that is why many people no longer automatically believe her. I am noticing more people questioning this "divorce." You can only do the same thing over and over before the public catches on.


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