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I Heard a Rumor: Honey Bees and DMCA Strikes

On Lipstick Alley someone is spilling end of the year tea. Names were changed to protect the guilty lol.

I reported on Jay-Z possibly selling his money pit AKA Tidal to Twitter's co-founder/CEO Jack Dorsey. But, what raised an eyebrow was that this person claims the couple NEEDS money since they could not tour.

Why would a so-called billionaire NEEDs money from a tour so bad that he would sell Tidal?

I know, I know..this is all rumor and gossip, however, I was suspicious as to the reason why Jay-Z would even be interested in selling Tidal since he loves using it in his "Black Owned" rhetoric. Also, what is up with the DMCA Strike...bwhahahahaahaha!


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