Is Brittany Byrd Being Hypocritical For Tweeting About "Protect Black Women"?

Brittany Byrd tweets about Protect Black women


I love a Black woman with some AUDACITY. That audacity can often lead to greatness, but in the case of Brittany Byrd, all I can do is roll my eyes.

She tweeted, "Don't y'all say protect Black women right? I'm a Black woman."

First, let me note that we say "Protect Black Women," but it hasn't actually manifested into real protection. Black women are still being attacked by the same brothas who claim we need no protecting,

Brittany Byrd accused Lil Uzi Of pointing gun at her

while being cheered on by "pick-me bitches." So, her not feeling protected is her feeling like tons of other Black women in the world.

Second, it took a lot of AUDACITY for Brittany to tweet about protect Black women; when it was only in May, she got dragged for claiming to be a womanist while making fun of the alleged abuse of another Black woman.

In a sad attempt to have a "one-up" on JT, Brittany posted a video where she claimed she saw JT get three pieced like a person in a Mayweather fight. After that video, Twitter clocked her ass for the hypocrisy.

JT denied any abuse by Lil Uzi Vert. So, in that situation, only two things could be true of Brittany Byrd:

1) She lied and falsely accused a Black man of abuse


2) She didn't lie but also did nothing when she saw a Black woman being abused, and later used it against her in a silly feud over a boy - Not very womanist

Either way, this is why Brittany is getting the side-eye until more information comes out. Saint JHN has not commented. There was a producer at the meeting, and he has not confirmed her story. A blurry photo of her talking to a cop after the altercation means nothing.


What do y'all think about Brittany's tweet?


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