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Is Nicki Minaj Going To Appear In Rihanna's Upcoming Fenty Show?

I heard you bitches were looking for me...bitch here I go!


As rumors swirl that Nicki Minaj and Kenny are ducking process servers who wish to serve them with the lawsuit Kenny's rape victim, Jennifer Hough, has filed against the two; it appears the couple is not hiding; they're in LA at a Fenty event.

A woman named Kia Harper claims that Arrogant Tae hooked her up and allowed her to braid the top of Nicki's unit for a FENTY shoot. I looked through her pages, and she does not come off like a troll or clout chaser. She does do braids. But, I'm sure y'all will do a background check on her and let me know if she is fake.

But, if this is true, I find it interesting that Rihanna would allow Nicki Minaj to do anything involving Fenty this soon after reconciling. The devil works hard, but Irving Azoff works miracles.



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