Jason Lee Claims Nicki Minaj Reached Out To Him On Drink Champs


Jason Lee, England's #1 Source For News and Gossip, somehow weaseled his way onto the Drink Champs just so he could drag Nicki Minaj...again. We all know how the Barbras love supporting the toxic men in media when they disrespect the other girls, so I hope they enjoy this interview just as much.

Jason Lee told NORE that Nicki Minaj reached out to him to talk, and considering she recently did an interview with Joe Budden, it's not hard to believe. The only thing I find strange is that if Nicki reached out, why would he go on Drink Champs and say something that would only turn Nicki off from doing an interview? That is where I kinda feel things aren't quite as he is telling it, but who cares. It is all about a good lie when it comes to certain groups anyways.

Also, congrats to Nicki Minaj x Joe Budden on their interview just reaching 1M views.


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