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Jason Lee Throws A Tantrum Over Black Women "Not" Supporting Normani and Cardi B's "Wild Side"

Tell me "Wild Side" is underperforming without telling me it's underperforming...thanks, Jason.


Jason Lee went on Bigo to throw a temper tantrum over Megan Thee Stallion and Black women in general "not" helping "Wild Side" become the "cultural reset" it was hyped to be.

First, he tries to run with that failed narrative that Megan doesn't support Black media, but only can think of his platform and The Breakfast Club, LOL. Um....two non-Black and toxic platforms that no Black artist should support. As I write this, people are upset that Charlamagne was given his own show due his past allegations/behavior. Jason has been accused by more than one person of being a colorist, which is probably why he hired a token dark skin woman to be on his show.

Second, he then claims that Black women did not promote Normani because they don't like Cardi B. I wish Black women did not support Cardi B. But, unfortunately, Cardi probably gets more support from Black women than many Black female rappers.

Third, Jason lied and said that Megan did not support the collab. Megan did support the song, and I believe Normani even thanked her. But this is the good part and the reason I even posted this shit. Jason admitted he told Cardi B to stop supporting Megan Thee Stallion over the lie he just told. Jason is acting like the "white twinks" that Cardi was ranting about. It's always a messy bottom.

Also, I don't even see Cardi promoting Megan's stuff. Did she even post Thot Shit??? I know Jason don't think that song was in the top 20 for 4 weeks due to Cardi B...Bwhahahahahaahahahahaa. Yeah, Megan's success has Cardi's team nervous.


Talk of the Charts predicts that "Wild Side" will be in the top 25. This is good, but the way Jason is ranting, the label may have expected higher...I-Oops


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