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Jennifer Hough's Lawsuit Against Kenneth Petty (Fck'n Up The Brand)

Updated: 3/31 at 10:48 PM PST

Nicki Minaj's attorney has requested a 1-week extension in reply papers on his request for sanctions. Are we shocked?

Nicki Minaj's attorney Judd Burstein ask for another extension in lawsuit filed by Jennifer Hough.



Updated 2/20 At 12:21 AM PST

Jennifer Hough sues Nicki Minaj's husband after allegations of trying to intimidate her.

I want to apologize for my lateness in updating this case. I needed a break from reading court documents. But now I am back, and I want to address the January 31st filing by Tyrone Blackburn.

I got confirmation that Nicki Minaj and her attorney, Judd Burstein, are pursuing sanctions against Tyrone Blackburn but not his former co-counsel, Steven Gordon.

In Blackburn's Jan. 31st filing, he made some damning allegation against Gordon that not only sheds more light as to why Jennifer fired him but why Burstein may have decided to leave Gordon out of his request for sanctions.

As it was reported, Gordon had a working history with Burstein and that seems to have worked against Jennifer Hough. According to Blackburn's letter, Burstein and Gordon started having private conversations with each other minute Gordon joined the case. While I doubt Blackburn knows everything discussed by the two attorneys, Blackburn does seem to know that they discussed Hough's pursuit of a default judgment and none of what Burstein told Gordon was shared with any of his co-counsels. That is a no-no.

I have to wonder if Gordon was a mole?

As for the sanctions. I was told by Blackburn that those will not be filed. So, we can't look that stuff up on Pacer, but he did confirm that they did send in the request.

I assume the lawsuit in California will not happen until this sanction stuff is over with.

Blackburn did file an amended motion for default judgment against Kenneth Petty since Jennifer's lawsuit pertaining to the rape in NY is still open.


Updated: 1/29 at 10:43 AM PST

Judd Burstein Is Obsessed With Bullying A Young Tyrone Blackburn Into Dropping His Lawsuit Against Nicki Minaj. Do We Have A Problem Is a Video Addressing The Allegations Of Nicki Minaj Harassing Jennifer Hough.

We have a briefing schedule update.

Judd Burstein and Tyrone Blackburn have agreed to a briefing schedule on Burstein's proposed motion for sanctions. Interestingly, Burstein, who huffed and puffed about sanctioning everyone on Hough's team, has now had a change of heart and decided not to seek sanctions against Steven Gordon.

If you recall, Gordon wrote a compelling letter about the bully tactics used by Burstein in his attempt to provide Nicki Minaj with a zealous defense. Things got so bad that Gordon admitted he considered withdrawing from the case before being terminated by Blackburn.

It appears Burstein has decided he does not want to risk opening the door for sanctions on himself, so now we are left with Judd "Rambo" Burstein vs. TRY-rone Blackburn. The schedule is as follows:

  • Feb. 2nd - Motion For Sanctions (Burstein)

  • Mar. 25th - Answer the Motion For Sanctions (Blackburn)

  • Apr. 3rd - Reply (Burstein)

This will go all the way until April...oh, boy.

Court documents for Jennifer Hough's lawsuit against Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty.


To clear up a false narrative, the courts have NOT sanctioned Tyrone Blackburn. What is true is that Burstein is trying to get him sanctioned for unspecified reasons at this time. We will find out on Feb. 2nd what Burstein feels are sanctionable actions by Blackburn.

Also, if the courts approve sanctions against Blackburn, that does not mean Jennifer Hough did anything wrong. That just means Blackburn crossed a line in his attempt to fight for his client. Burstein is very familiar with straddling the lines for his clients.

Speaking of Tyrone..even though the Judge said he did not want to hear one more noun or verb from the lawyers unless it was about a schedule, Tyrone decided he had to give another declaration.

I could be missing something, but it seems like this letter by Blackburn was not only not needed but against what the Judge requested. This Judge has already shown hesitancy in making rulings; why risk pissing him off?

I can't with Tyrone...


Updated: 1/27 at 11:45 PM PST

Tyrone Blackburn files lawsuit against Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty for Jennifer Hough.

There have been some significant updates to this lawsuit.

1- Jennifer Hough voluntarily dismissed her 5th and 7th causes of action against Kenneth Petty and only to the extent it relates to conduct from 2018 or later.

Read Court Documents from Jennifer Hough Lawsuit Against Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty.

2- Steven Gordon wrote a letter alerting the judge that Tyrone Blackburn and Jennifer Hough TERMINATED him over disagreements about legal strategy going forward.

The judge has ordered a Zoom meeting on Jan. 31st to discuss this matter.

As far as Gordon being fired, it looks messy, but I believe it is for the best in the long run. I have always argued that it appears that Gordon and Blackburn were at the same level of experience, and that was not good for Jennifer. She needs a more experienced lawyer to pair with Blackburn.

Now, it does concern me that they could not agree on a strategy. What didn't Gordon like about Tyrone's strategy? What's done is done, but it must be asked.

Hopefully, Tyrone picks an experienced pitbull in a skirt to work with him in California.

Read Court Documents from Jennifer Hough Lawsuit Against Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty.


Tyrone Blackburn Is Fighting To Get Justice For Jennifer Hough Who Was Raped In the 90s By Nicki Minaj's Husband Kenneth Petty. After Petty Failed To Register As A Sex Offender In California, It is Alleged That Nicki Minaj Tried To Bribe Her To Recant Her Story. Now Nicki and Her Barbz Are Harassing Jennifer Hough. That Is Why She Is Being Sued.

Now, I did get some clarification from Tyrone about the dropped counts. He told me,

"The reason it was dropped is that you cannot sue someone in two courts on the same counts dealing with the same facts. Those counts will be refiled against Kenny in Cali along with the counts against Nicki and one other individual."

So, not only does Blackburn plan to refile, but he plans to add a defendant👀👀👀👀👀.

He added that all the stuff dealing with the 1994 rape would remain with the NY courts.

Now, the question is, will Nicki Minaj just set up a time to be served, or will she hide out again?

If Nicki tries to play games, I would serve her publicly; preferably when performing "Do We Have A Problem?" so she knows she has one.


Update: 1/24 at 11:38 PM PST

Steven Gordon shared the email Judd Burstein sent mentioning his wife. Judd Burstein calls the allegations made against him misleading. The judge orders the two sides to come up with a briefing schedule and to not write anything else regarding this matter, LOL!

Read Court Documents from Jennifer Hough Lawsuit Against Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty.


Updated: 1/23 at 8:01 PM PST

Tyrone Blackburn, Judd Burstein, and Steven Gordon Fight Over Sanctions Motions In Nicki Minaj Lawsuit from Jennifer Hough.

In the latest update of Hough vs. Petty, Steven Gordon and Tyrone Blackburn responded to the huff and puff of "sanctions" by Judd Burstein, and exposed some troubling behavior by the high-profile attorney.

Below is my summary, along with actual court documents.

Steve Gordon:

Gordon starts off his response to Burstein's motion for sanctions by pointing out that since he joined Hough's team, Burstein has emailed him "5 purported and frivolous motions for sanctions" and goes on to describe Burstein's as using "unsavory, harassing, and threatening tactics" against Hough's team.

Steven Gordon Responds To Judd Burstein's Excessive Requests For Sanctions. Nicki Minaj's Attorney Judd Burstein Has A History Of Being Sanctioned By The Courts Of His Rambo Style Fo Lawyering. He Is Known As a Bully And Is Trying to Do What Nicki Minaj Has Allegedly Done To Jennifer Hough. Nicki Minaj's Need To Normalized Rape Culture Must Be Stopped.

Gordon continues by pointing out that Burstein has failed to clearly state the grounds for which he plans to file sanctions. Also, how these accusations open Jennifer up to more threats from Nicki Minaj's STANs and potentially harms the reputation of Blackburn and himself.

Read Court Documents from Jennifer Hough Lawsuit Against Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty.


Next, he argues it was "objectively reasonable" to allege that Nicki Minaj was a member of the Makk Baller Brims Bloods and that threats were made against Jennifer's life based on:

  • Exhibit "A" shows Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty throwing up the Makk Baller gang sign.

  • "Black" posting a photo with two guns circled

To make Gordon's argument stronger, I would have liked to see him include a declaration by a NY gang expert stating that the hand signs thrown up by OTM and KP are, in fact, Makk Baller gang signs. We do not need 100 more arguments over what those hand signals mean.


Gordon moves on to address the jurisdiction issue. He points out "several objectionable reasonable reasons" why Blackburn would believe NY had jurisdiction over OTM.

  • KP noted he is a resident of NY

  • KP has property in NY

  • Nicki Minaj is considered a "New York" based "rapper" (why he shade Nicki like that, lol)

  • Not the first time she has been sued in NY

After addressing Burstein's motion, Gordon then addresses Burstein's tactics as a lawyer. Read below:

Read Court Documents from Jennifer Hough Lawsuit Against Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty.

Gordon claims that Burstein not only made attacks on himself and Blackburn but his WIFE! Furthermore, Gordon revealed that Burstein's actions almost forced him to withdraw from this case.


Judd Burstein, P.C. Represent Nicki Minaj in Lawsuit For Harassing Kenneth Petty's Rape Victim Jennifer Hough. Nicki Minaj Has Ruined Her Legacy After Being Blackballed and Seeing Sales Drop.


Judd "Rambo" Burstein, who loves racking up those lawyer fees by writing several page responses, decided to save Nicki Minaj some money and only responded in a one-page letter. That should tell you all you need to know.

Burstein wants the judge to decide on a briefing schedule for his purposed sanctions.

Judd Burstein Replies To Jennifer Hough's Lawyers After Steven Gordon's Response To Sanctions. Judd "Rambo" Gordon Has A History Of Getting Sanctioned Himself and Is This Why Nicki Minaj Was Late To Respond To Jennifer Hough's Lawsuit. Nicki Minaj's Lawyer Is Over Charging Her, Allegedly.



Tyrone Blackburn, Esq Represents Kenneth Petty's Rape Victim Jennifer Hough in a Lawsuit About Harassment, Bribing, Sexual Assault. Nicki Minaj Went On Queen Radio and Slandered Jennifer Hough.

Enter Tyrone Blackburn, who then addressed the scheduling conflict that Burstein complained about and told the judge:

"Throughout these proceedings, Mr. Burstein has taken residency in the sewers of the legal profession. He has behaved antithetical to the model rules of professional conduct. But this should come as no surprise since he has been on the receiving end of over ten sanction motions dating back to the early 1990s and as recent as 2018."

Blackburn then goes on to expose how Burstein went "scrummaging" through Youtube comments posted by Gordon's wife.


To read the emails between the lawyers, please see the download below.

Blackburn Jan22
Download PDF • 702KB

These allegations do not surprise after looking up Burstein. There are two incidents I want to highlight:

1 - Judd Burstein Sued In $70 Million Malpractice Lawsuit.

Nicki Minaj's lawyer Judd Burstein suied for $70 Million Malpractice Lawsuit.

This lawsuit caught my attention because it involves Burstein missing a filing deadline. I do not believe the excuse given by Nicki Minaj as to why she missed her deadline to respond to Jennifer Hough and after reading this it gives more weight to Blackburn's claims that they purposely missed the deadline???

2 - In the 90s, a judge was so disgusted by Burstein's behavior that he ordered Mr. Burstein to pay a $50K sanction fine. This was because Burstein was so upset that opposing counsel would not settle that he wrote him a letter threatening to "tarnish" his reputation and subject the lawyer to the "legal equivalent to a proctology exam." You can read below the other things Burstein allegedly did in just ONE case.

Nicki Minaj's Lawyer Judd Burstein is know for dirty tricks and bully tactics. Jennifer Hough Lawsuit against Kenneth Petty and Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj's Lawyer Judd Burstein is know for dirty tricks and bully tactics. Jennifer Hough Lawsuit against Kenneth Petty and Nicki Minaj.

Now, that sanction was overturned because there was concern about the "delicate task that trial lawyers have of representing their clients zealously while staying within the bounds of proper behavior." However, the appeals board did note that Burstein's behavior was: 'reflective of a general decline in the decorum level of even polite public discourse.''

Which is funny considering the big deal he made about Tyrone not wanting to give him an extension, LOL.

Can't wait for this lawsuit to hit Cali.


Updated: 1/20 at 12:58 PM PST

Enter Nicki Minaj...again.

Even though Kenneth Petty had a hearing, it quickly became all about Nicki Minaj after it was revealed that Jennifer Hough plans to refile her lawsuit against Nicki in California. Now, I had heard that Jennifer dismissed her case due to jurisdiction issues, so it seems that Lil birdie was correct.

Well, upon hearing this, Nicki Minaj's attorney decides to file his much talked about sanction against Jennifer Hough/Tyrone Blackburn and wants a motion schedule approved by this judge that does not do much. Read below...

I have no idea what happened with Kenneth because the judge went private at one point in the Zoom conference. So...when PACER updates, I will update.

I wonder if Nicki will push back any music plans she had or will she drop something in Q1.

The timeline of Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty's attempts to clearn up Nicki Minaj's brand and reputation because of Husband's rape case.


Updated: 1/18 at 6:38 PM PST

Motion 47 to allow 2 lawyers to withdraw from Jennifer Hough's team was granted.

Jennifer Hough's Lawsuit updated against Kenneth Petty.

I know this is tiny to read...LOL.



Jennifer Hough Voluntarily Dismisses Lawsuit Against Nicki Minaj, But Not Kenneth Petty. Kenneth Petty Raped Jennifer Hough in 1994. Nicki Minaj Is Trying To Save Her Brand By Painting Jennifer As A Liar. Nicki Minaj Is A Rape Apologist.

While Jennifer Hough has voluntarily dismissed her lawsuit against Nicki Minaj, she is still going after her attacker, Kenneth Petty. Even though he is not a celebrity or a female rapper, I will still follow this case because his defense is being funded by a female rapper.

Nicki Minaj's lawyer did come out to the press, "It is just the beginning of Nicki's and my efforts to make you pay for your disgraceful conduct with both money and, if the Court recommends it, disciplinary sanctions."

All the anger seems to be towards Tyrone Blackburn, not Jennifer Hough. We will be watching if this was just huff'n and puff'n for the media or will Blackburn be in some hot water.


The first update is that two law firms have removed themselves from Jennifer's case.


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Adanna Igweobi
Adanna Igweobi
Apr 02, 2022

I heard Jennifer say she has no case against Nicki due to statue of limitation. Wish her all the best.


Jan 29, 2022


The Aliexpress lawyer. I have not seen one single Evidence. They really thought Nicki will settle. 🤡🤡🤡🤡


And he had the audacity to say Judd cyberstalking them lol just funny yall purposely ignore Tyrone behavoir online funny

Replying to

His client it’s not better either, she’s camping under every nicki slander post liking and even commenting sometimes its just funny that they accused nicki of shit Jennifer actually do, Jennifer weird behavior make me side eyes her. She even discussed nicki and Kenny son talking about " he so cute I want to kiss him" like wtf why you want to kiss your alleged abuser son ???? But nobody question her behavior, nobody question her inconsistencies Judd made a whole charts about it but people still refuse to see her multiple lies. I hope if the sanctions go through the nonsense will stop


And the facts that you voluntarily skipped what the judge asked them to do schedule a time for the potential sanctions against Jennifer and her team while Jennifer and her team try to dodge those sanctions, bringing all kind of accusations, but the judge still asked them to do it it’s funny too very funny. We shall see if that pathetic nonsense is file again in LA But I just know that case is damage thanks Tyrone and Jennifer 🤷🏽‍♀️

Replying to

You are full of BS and it’s so sad . You don’t believe Jennifer , you’re a bitter ”Hottie “ who engages in the same behavior that “The Barbara’s “ do .The energy your putting into praying on Nicki’s downfall is going to come back to you . You already have a flop blog wheee you have to beg for donations 😩


You really think another lawyers will put their career on line over a bullshit case like that ??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭 a case with empty evidence and a plaintiff not even honest about the whole story. Nah yaya you can’t play dumb like that and act like Jennifer team do no wrong, I like your blog but your deep hate for nicki it’s really showing now. Never pray on the downfall of someone and this is the vibes you clearly giving as if she did something personal to you

Replying to

So you believe Jennifer when she said " I blocked nicki in March/ April 2020 after the phone call, I change my number ect I live in fear bla bla bla" but find her way to text nicki in august 2020 telling her the marshals was at her house ? Why you texting someone you supposedly scare of ? So you believe them when they say they dismissed nicki case because of the jurisdiction while nicki lawyer in his first notice of apparence say that since the beginning but Tyrone and Jennifer still force the case until, Judd tell them about the sanctions. So you believe them when the process serve blatantly lie under oath claiming they serve them and…

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