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Jennifer Hough Sends A Message On Her Birthday, "Fck You I Never Lied" (Updated)


Today is Jennifer Hough's birthday and she has a message for the people, "I just wna say I'm #JenniferHough it will always be #SurvivingThePettys #fukyouIMeverLied catch these presents coming ur way and Happy Birthday to me."

Jennifer Hough Sends A Birthday Message To Kenneth Petty and Nicki MInaj.

Well, it looks like we may not have heard the last of Jennifer Hough. To be continued...


Updated: 3/30 at 7:16 PM PST


Jennifer must be talking about a case of defamation against Nicki Minaj because the statute of limitations is 1 year.


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Mar 31, 2022

A whole damn 🤡looking for clout still for a 30 year case smh. We been knew & been saying she ain’t have no damn case against Nicki, her & her bum ass lawyer really thought they was gonna get Nicki cancelled & bully Nicki outta 20 million 🤭all that shit that man talked about how they was planning on refilling in LA too🫠welp. 🥱Kenny ain’t got no money for her & why go after him once he gets attached to Nicki, let her go broke tryna get money she ain’t ever gonna see 😮‍💨


It’s her liking a rape joke about nicki son for me… idk what funny about rape but she’s a whole victim lol. And I think she’s talking about the overall case against nicki she got no case and know it. Funny how last week it’s was I filing criminal charges shit she can’t do but a DA and not it’s the statutes of limitations. I think it’s time to see Jennifer for what she is…

Replying to

Yep because she can’t against nicki 🤷🏽‍♀️ but she better be careful about what she doing online this can be use against her idk If you see the whole things but even the people on her comments section who defend her were disgusted. i don’t see her having a chance against Kenny honestly


Mar 24, 2022

Oooh shit 👀

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