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JT Goes On Instagram Live To Clap Back At Asian Doll and Trolls

Video courtesy of Pop Data


I am so OVER unnecessary drama with female rappers. I really wish these girls would just handle it in the music, but if they need to it.

JT is one of those people, who even when going off, is funny. I do not think this is the full Live but enough for you to get the point.



This drama is why you don't sit on LIve and talk about other female rappers while mumbling and leave room for people to create their own narratives. I guess Asian Doll is using this drama to push her song now. At least she's doing something productive with the drama because I think she has burned bridges she may never be able to repair. People are taken off tracks all the time. She is not a special snowflake.

Did it help Kash Doll to complain about a song she had before Cardi B??? Did it help Pardi to try to suggest that Nicki stole or copied is beat??? At the end of the day, you only attract STANs with this behavior and it has been shown that even with STANs, you may visit the top 40 but struggle to live there.



Heaven Hollywood of the I.E. Network told his listeners that the reason Asian Doll was removed from the track was that she started a fight with Blac Chyna on the set of "Body."

Now I don't know if this is true. The way Asian Doll is, I would think we would have heard something. However, because of the drama, it allows Youtubers to put out their own narrative. It feels good when it's in your favor but not everything will be in your favor.

JT got people going at her, Megan got people going at her, and Asian Doll got people going at her over something that happens in the industry every day. This is happening because it involves female rappers.


Just a warning! In 2021, I will be focusing on the toxic STAN culture and its effects on female rap and the blogs that feed them. If you are not interested in that type of topic, feel free to exit stage left.


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