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Kanye West is spiraling and needs help, not media attention.


TMuthafcknZ is reporting that Kanye West is in the middle of another bipolar episode. That may explain his recent Twitter announcement that he is running for president and his ill-advised Forbes interview. According to TMuthafcknZ's sources, Kanye experiences a serious breakdown at least once a year. Which seems like an accurate estimation to me. The family is not overly concerned about Kanye's breakdown and believes it will stabilize as it has in the past. What the family is worried about is the problems his outburst are causing them. Oh, brotha!

I wonder if stress triggers these episodes. It seems like after Kanye does something that gets him praise

Kanye West is spiraling and needs help, not media attention.

from the public, he does something to push the people away again. He recently announced his partnership with The Gap and hired a Black woman, Mowalola Ogunlesi, to head the project. He received positive feedback after the announcement. Now another bipolar episode? It probably does not help that he does not take his medication because it blocks his creativity, and a bigger issue, in my opinion, is that one of the side effects is weight gain. I think Kanye has become very insecure over the weight gain. He is very into fashion and how clothing looks on the body. I feel like he doesn't believe he can look "fashionable" in his current body. We all heard about the lipo, and we see how he hides behind his clothing now.

I am praying for Kanye West. The fact that this story was "leaked," is disrespectful to Kanye and in no way helps him if he is going through another episode. What it does is help the Kardashians explain to their investor/partners WTF is going on. This story benefits them way more than it does Kanye.

Obviously, the people around him are following "The Britney Spear's Plans." Which is to not really HELP Kanye, but to keep him functional enough to keep making money.


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09. Juli 2020

Surely there is something else Kanye could take that wouldn't bring on all of the unwanted side-effects. I mean, there has got to be an alternative.

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