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Kelsey Nicole "Help, Tory Shot Meg" Roundtable Discussion

Kelsey Nicole Harris Admits Tory Lanez Shot Megan In CBS Interview With Gayle King.

"Help, Tory Shot Meg"

Those four words, written in a text message on the night Tory Lanez allegedly shot Megan Thee Stallion, has thrust Kelsey Harris back into the spotlight she once so much craved.


For those truly interested in what happened the morning of July 12th, 2020, seeing Kelsey's text message regarding the shooting was the highlight of Megan Thee Stallion's interview with Gayle King.

Kelsey, early on, seemed reluctant to give any statement that helped Megan Thee Stallion or Tory Lanez, as she blog hopped immediately after the incident. The only thing she offered regarding the incident was that she was not the one with the gun.

Kelsey Harris denying she shot Megan Thee Stallion.

However, her lack of concern for Megan and constant shading have left many wondering if there is any validity to Megan's claims that she took a bribe from Tory Lanez.

If you noticed, Kelsey's attorney, who was silent when Shawn Holley alluded to Kelsey being the actual shooter, found his/her tongue to respond to this interview. What stood out was that even though no one brought up a possible bribe, Kelsey's attorney made sure to address that rumor. This may end up being an issue later.


In 2020, I asked if Kelsey was really a witness turned accomplice. Has her need for revenge overridden any sense of self-preservation?

It is now 2022, and I still have the same questions. The fact that Gayle had to release that text message

Kelsey Harris Texted Megan Thee Stallion's Security "Help, Tory Shot Megan."

proves that anything that will benefit Megan will have to be dragged out of Kelsey.

That is why I can't wait to see that witness list. I will not be shocked if the DA calls Kelsey as a 'hostile witness." I do not think there is any way the DA can put her on the stand without alerting the jury that she is maddddd.

Kelsey has already admitted that she tried calling Meg to work out their differences, and Meg would not accept her phone calls. So now, she is hanging with 1501 and knocked up by Erica Banks' DJ.




Now, one of the popular narratives is that Megan's injuries came from glass and not bullets. Now, even though the medical records show that the doctors removed bullet fragments out of Megan's feet and not glass or glass and bullet fragments, some are still trying to find a way to convince people it was glass.

Well, with all the glass talk I immediately thought of Wack 100 because he is the one who went around yelling about Megan kicking out windows. He has now, smartly, moonwalking away from that narrative, but he is the one who spread it.

Usually, Wack 100 will say he spoke to Tory and blah, blah, blah. But, in a sit down with the gift that keeps on giving DJ Akademiks, he claimed that it was Kelsey who was telling people that story. Now, Wack is a notorious liar, but if it is true that Kelsey has been in the comment sections still being shady this whole time, I thought she was off living her life, then maybe she is helping the 4 horsemen spread false narratives.

As we know, the narrative now being pushed is that Kelsey is the actual shooter. But, none of these men, including Wack, seem to have any hostility towards Kelsey. The woman they are blaming for committing the crime Tory is charged with is being left alone as they attack the victim. If Megan is a liar, isn't Kelsey one too?

These men love attacking Black women, so it makes no sense not to go after Kelsey unless there was an alliance.

Tory had words for Rick Ross, Kehlani, Asian Doll, Cassidy, etc, but when Kelsey called "ALL CAP" when it was posted that Shawn Holley claimed Kesley became jealous after hearing Tory and Megan were intimate; Tory did not say shit. Remember, he stuck his nose into an argument between Megan and Akademiks, and that is why he got hit with a second violation. But, when it comes to Kelsey, none of the men have any words for her. It's as if she has them by the balls because they need her for something. They need her for "reasonable doubt."


LET'S DISCUSS KELSEY AND HER ROLE IN THIS CASE (any other topics can be started in the forum area)

Do you guys think these text messages change anything for Kelsey?

Do you believe Kelsey is working with Tory Lanez?

Does Kelsey have to worry about charges after Tory's trial?

How pissed do you think Kelsey was to see her message on CBS...LOL?


Updated: 4/29 at 2:35 PM


Tory Lanez’s west coast mouthpiece may have confirmed my theory😳

A video was posted 2 days ago, where Wack 100 is speaking on Kelsey. He told his audience that Kelsey is going to plead the 5th when she is called to testify. Which of course that alone could raise reasonable doubt with some jurors. But, just listen to what Wack said will/could happen after that…

Wack said, “This is where Kelsey is going to come into play and I’m going to tell you guys ahead of time. When all the criminal shit is over with; like OJ won over there in criminal but lost in civil, when nephew go and file for that 100M for losses and this, this, this. Kelsey I got 10%, bitch, what happening?”

Wow! Wack, who Tory calls “Unc,” is already working out how Kelsey can get paid from a civil lawsuit Tory plans to file if he is found not guilty😳.

This sounds like bribery to me because there is no reason to offer money to the person you claim did the crime you are charged with.

See, I told y’all something is funny with how the men are not attacking Kelsey.

These muthafuckaz are colluding to take Megan down.

I guess I gotta send another email🤷🏽‍


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