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KenTheMan and Kali Are Tired Of People Complaining About Female Rappers


KenTheMan and Kali are sick and tired of the people constantly complaining about female rappers while allowing the men to do whatever in peace.

KenTheMan tweeted, "I’m so tired of you hoes saying all females rap about the same thing! YEA BITCH we female RAPPERSSS them niggas rap about the same shit too; get off our top."

Kali responded by adding, "or we sound the same like stfuuu and enjoy the music damn."


I have to agree. Too many new rap fans are only around because they think it's their duty to complain and make up rap rules that make no sense. Some think female rap is boring, but I think female rap STANs are boring. It's the repetitive complaints for me. You already know what they are going to say based on who is being spoken about. They have their talking points ready to go.

I wish those who have devoted their lives to only liking one female rapper would not be active if their fave is not active. That's the new rule I just made up, LOL.

There are too many girls dropping music right now. If you can't find anything to enjoy, you are probably not a fan of rap, just a fan of complaining.


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