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Latto, GloRilla, Rakim, and Nas Unite for Sprite's 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop Campaign

Sprite is kicking off an "Icons Delight" campaign celebrating Hip Hop's 50th anniversary by dropping a limited-edition flavor, Lymonade Legacy, and a commercial featuring the Past - Rakim, the Present - Latto, and the Future - GloRilla of Hip Hop.



The commercial starts with Rakim, Latto, and GloRilla all rapping, "I said a hip-hop, the hippie, the hippie, to the hip, hip-hop and you don't stop," which is the famous intro to The Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight." A song that is not only a Hip Hop classic but the first-ever hip-hop song to hit the Billboard Top 40. But since Sprite is celebrating 50 Years of Hip Hop, you know there has got to be a remix.



The commercial then changes and shows each rap star adding on their own Hip Hop classics to "Rapper's

Sprite's Lymonade Legacy - Celebrating 50 Years Of Hip Hop with Latto, GloRilla, Nas, and Rakim.

Delight." Rakim is seen in a classroom in front of a chalkboard rapping "Paid In Full," Latto is in the studio giving "Big Energy," while GloRilla is performing on stage to "FNF." The commercial ends with Nas sitting on a NY stoop rapping, "We underground and overground keeping fans excited, 50 Years and counting, y'all rappers delighted."

This is another great look for Latto, who already dominated Q1 and is doing the same in Q2 with her undisputed song of the summer, "Put It On Da Floor." Some of y'all tried to erase GloRilla from her own song and dismiss her, but she is still here too. I love when the girls prove fools wrong.

Also, imagine that the present and future of rap are being represented by women. I love this!!!


Speak, Heart, Share...Thanks!

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*sighs I wish megan were participating in such activities

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