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Latto Previews New Song "Wheelie" On TikTok And Talks Working With Writers


Latto previews a new song called "Wheelie" on TikTok. It's definitely a club song and I actually like it better than "Big Energy." She asked fans if she should drop it.

What y'all think about the song?



Latto Talks Working With Writers On Bootleg Kev.

When it comes to interviews, female rappers are always asked about working with writers as if these niggas ain't sitting in studios with 15 niggas eager to help out on a "couple of Vs."


"Ohhh, Everybody Do That. That's How You Niggas Be Drop'n Ten #1s In One Year"


So, when Latto was asked about working with writers on the Bootleg Kev Podcast, I was not shocked. However, I was surprised by Latto's response. Latto being one of the rap-rap girls who take pride in pushing her pen, admitted that she now works with writers. But, it's not what it seems. She still pushes that pen, but she no longer feels she has to do all the work when it comes to hooks and melodies.

Listen to below to her response:

Video Credit: Bootleg Kev

Her response was perfect because she did not come off defensive, and she clearly explained how she uses writers. I think it's wise of Latto to collaborate with writers on hooks and melodies, so she can focus on the bars. I just hope these girls work with more WOMEN writers and don't get tricked into using the same male writer who is doing everyone else's songs. Let some talented women get paid off writing too. Remember, a woman wrote Dream Doll's Tory Lanez diss track.


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This is a catchy hit, I think she should follow up with another song like No Hook, so underrated


They all have writers even the ones who claim to not for years. All of them. It Don't matter to me who wrote what honestly I just want good

Replying to

Girl shut up cause I didn't knock her if anything I was just normalizing people using writers for whatever and no I don't just "want reciters" I want good music I don't even read credits because I personally don't care I they write great if not oh well 🤷🏾‍♀️ truth be told alot of your favorite 90s hip-hop artist was "reciters" so please.

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