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Latto Reveals Jaw-Dropping Cover Art For New Single "P*ssy" Dropping Tonight

Latto Drops Artwork For New Single "Pussy"



Latto/RCA/her team are not muthafck'n playing in 2022.

Latto revealed the artwork for her new single "Pussy" slated to drop tonight at midnight. If the song, which samples Beyonce's "Upgrade U," is as good as the cover art, she has another hit on her hands.

The artwork, created by Katie McIntyre, displays a mechanical woman in front of the White House with pink flowers flowing out of it. I love it. I rarely spend any time looking at music artwork anymore, so I really appreciate it when artists actually do something eye-catching.


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15 de jul. de 2022

Yessss c’mon Latto

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