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Latto's Dominance in 2023: From Feature Runs to Afro Nation Fest

Davido Brings Latto Out At Afro Nation Festival In Detroit.

Last night, while California grappled with Tropical Storm Hilary, Latto set the stage ablaze in Detroit. Stepping up alongside Davido at Afro Nation Fest, the Atlanta rapper dropped her verse from the new "Unavailable" Remix, making the crowd go wild.

Latto's dominance over 2023 has been undeniable, marked by her musical prowess and high-energy performances. While Hip Hop media might be fixated on other girls, it's Latto who's not only on a feature run but also running those circles I'd heard others were doing.

And she's not slowing down. Rumor has it that she's gearing up to release an album later this year. In a candid conversation with Cosmopolitan Magazine, Latto delved into her music's personal resonance, including a song where she candidly addresses her complex relationship with her father. For those unaware, Latto opened up during her "777" Apple Music radio show, revealing she had not spoken to her daddy in over a year.

There's something genuinely captivating when artists turn introspective. When a girl can give you a song that make you want to turn up in the club and then turn around and give you songs that make you want to sit in a dark room and cry, that is what separates that hot female rapper from that female rap star. Think "The Lauryn Hill Effect."

I believe Latto can be one of those girls. In fact, I became a fan of Latto as a rapper off her song, "No Hooks," where she was being vulnerable and talking about some shit.



Latto and her team have orchestrated the right moves, positioning her as a multifaceted artist—a complete package beyond the, oh, she is good with hooks only, gets her song on the charts only, or is all over the blogs only type of rapper. She really crept up on people this year, and y'all need to stop trying to play on her top.


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