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Leaked Photo From Kevin Samuels High School Yearbook Reveals He Was A High Valued Pom Pom Boy




Kevin Samuels is being dragged over a leaked high school yearbook photo. The yearbook reveals that Kevin was a member of the HS pep squad, and to some, that is all the proof they need that Kevin is pretending to be straight in order to push his "high valued" bullshit and is "unqualified to speak for men."

I don't care if Kevin is gay; I care that he is a scammer building a career off trying to humiliate and trash Black women. But, to some content creators, Kevin being at the bottom of the high school pyramid is why he should be cancelled.

I will say that HS photo is a "NO MA'AM" LMAO!


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May 03, 2021


I was obvious. You can tell by the way he carry himself.

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