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LightSkinKeisha Drops "Gimme Head" Music Video: Watch It Here!


LightSkinKeisha surprises fans with the release of the music video for "Gimme Head," one of the standout tracks from her latest EP, "Thought I Was Done?" This summer anthem-ready track has a catchy hook that will have you singing along, "Gimme Head, Don't Be Scared, Just Do What Keisha Said, Make Me Spread My Legs."



What surprises me is that "Gimme Head" was released last summer but did not pop for whatever reason. But, "Gimme Head" is a fun song, and I can see why LightSkinKeisha released a music video. However, the video is nothing groundbreaking, and while I will be playing this song again, I doubt I will be playing this video again.

This track needs a TikTok campaign because the hook is so catchy and easy to remember, and it would be perfect for a dance challenge or skit.

Let me know if you like "Gimme Me Head."


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