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The same sh*t that Chika called YG out for is what Lil Baby did with this music video. I should have fck'n known he was not just out there protesting on his bike. Lil Baby was shooting the music video for his new single "The Bigger Picture" using a Black Lives Matter protest and cosplay Black Panthers as his backdrop. I can't!

If you have been paying attention, you may have noticed the Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation coordinated praise of how great Lil Baby is on Twitter. It should not be a shock to anyone familiar with how QC works. This is not the first QC artist to get this uniform, lock'n step praise. But that is not even the worst part...


Fake Black Panthers featured in Lil Baby's The Bigger Picture Music video.

Look at these FAKE ASS BLACK PANTHERS...Whew, Chile! The above photo is from Lil Baby's music video. Before he was riding around on his bike with a BLM T-shirt, there was a whole discussion on Twitter about how these people are cosplaying as the New Black Panther or the Black Revolutionaires or whatever name they want to be called. Also, reports say original BPP doesn't endorse them. Did he and his team miss all that?

So, Twitter investigators did their thang and found out the group is made up of actors and models. Here is an excerpt from AJC where they spoke to Whitney Oni, the sistah who got the most attention on Twitter. She claims this is not her first protest and she is quoted as saying, "it was important to use my voice." Their outfits were Black Panther-inspired..duh!

Here are some photos of Whitney Oni:

She is not the only model/actress in the group. But, I won't bore y'all. If you search "new black panthers" on Twitter, you will see the chatter.

Here is an article by Decaturish, who did an interview with another member. I read the interview, and it came off like these are young actors/models who also want to be protesters but look good doing it. Oh, and they do carry real guns.



Watching the Lil Baby push will be interesting. He is not better than Da Baby, but I doubt Da Baby will drop bags to get others to praise him. I also feel the way the Hip Hop media plays these games is why so many young artists have "mental health" issues. These false narratives that don't match up with the talent, sets them up for ruin.


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Jun 13, 2020

His lyrics are basically recycled tweets, things ppl have been saying. His label is very calculated because ppl are definitely eating it up. And of course with Mr. Prison Reform pushing it ppl are gonna think its "genuine".


Jun 12, 2020

@yaya I just seen a pic of future doing the same thing. Hes standing on top of police car and it look like its blood all over it. All these years he's never talked about anything police brutality related. He is one of the gimmicks Nic talked about. All that pill popping, weed smoking, and drinking he rap about he wasnt doing.


This is so low!! And to think the amount of niggas on here on Twitter praising lil baby like he is the best new artist in hip-hop out there. I’ve been peeping the lil baby praise, some people are even comparing and calling him better than Wayne, which I think is just a no. Lets see how long this will last.

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