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Lil Nas X Becomes A Silent Troll Amid T.I. and DaBaby Controversy

Lil Nas X scared to respond to Lil Baby and TI over homophobic comments


Have y'all noticed that Lil Nas X has been unusually quiet regarding this TI/DaBaby drama? Lil Nas is a troll who loves any opportunity to promote his music using other people's homophobia. But, now that controversy involves people who are a part of the community, he claims - Hip Hop, his troll fingers don't work? Now that the debate involves people Lil Nas X may have to see at award shows or parties, he's

LIl Nas Tweets About Rappers Being Anit-Gay.

ghost. However, when it comes to Candance Owens or Boyce Watkins, who have no real influence in Hip Hop or Pop, he always has a response ready to go.

This is why he comes off as performative when defending being a gay artist because when he should be the loudest and troll the hardest, he allows others to do the talking. Homophobia is baked into Hip Hop the same way misogyny is. He will not change Hip Hop as a gay rapper if he only addresses easy targets like political commentators while playing Ray Charles to what is happening in the culture.



In an interview, he just mentioned how his peers act differently towards him since he came out. Well, the current discussions highlight some of the issues he may have been referring to, but we wouldn't know because he is silent.

Lil Nas X is doing what Lil Baby is doing when it comes to being political. Doing it when there is no risk to their careers and it's comfortable for them.


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