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Link Chart: The Making of Cardi B

The making of Cardi B link chart. Industry connections
The Making Of Cardi B


After I was informed that former Atlantic Records artist, Ryan Star, owned Stationhead, I again started thinking about the streaming and media manipulation surrounding Ole Girl's career. When I looked up the company, I saw that one of the investors in the app is Atlantic Records CEO Julie Greenwald (Ms. Get Your Knee Pads).

Stationhead is a streaming farm, in my opinion, so of course, Atlantic Records would be connected to it. We know that Atlantic Records' reputation precedes them, so when it comes to faking streams and

manipulating numbers, at this point, daring someone to stop them.

Cardi B's "UP" was not stuck until she did her rants and went on Stationhead. Since it is the wild wild west when it comes to streaming, I would not put it past the app to either give Cardi B other artist's streams or suppress the streaming numbers of certain artists. Fans could be on there thinking they are streaming for their fave, and it ain't doing shit.

So, since I am a visual person, I created a link chart summarizing those who helped make Cardi B (not saying anything is wrong with help). This is nowhere near every person or platform that assists her. I just wanted to quickly visualize her immediate connections.




This chart shows Lyor Cohen's influence goes past his position at Youtube because two of his proteges are in high-ranking positions at Atlantic (Kevin Liles at 300 Ent is another one). We know that Youtube streams have become an important factor when it comes to Billboard charts. Iggy recently called them out for claiming to have issues with her music video content, but I don't remember Youtube having any problems with WAP. I suspect Cardi will never have problems with her content when it comes to Youtube.

Cohen's proteges are executives at Atlantic Records; Julie Greenwald and Mike Kyser. Julie is an investor in streaming farm Stationhead, and Kyser has a very close personal and business relationship with Angela Yee. How can forget how TBC threw a telethon for Bodak Yellow to be #1?

I did not add this to the link chart because it has not happened, but there are rumors that Roc Nation is

trying to get Cardi under management. Well, Kyser and Jay-Z are close. Kyser played a vital role in the success of The Blueprint 3, and Jay-Z even allowed Kyser to propose to ex-finance Gabriele Smith during one of his concerts.

Hitmaka, who recently left his VP position, is close to Joe Budden. Joey admitted to instigating the beef between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. Also, he used both his podcast and Everyday Struggle to push false narratives about that "beef."

Warner Music buying Uproxx definitely changed the way they did stories. I don't even read them anymore. Also, let's not forget how Youtubers were giving internships at Atlantic and posting bias reaction videos.


As I said, there is much more, but there is a reason why Cardi B does not have to worry about if she is a good rapper or not. There is a reason we have not seen any growth at all. There is a reason she avoids the same criticisms thrown at the Black female rappers. Cardi B is not playing a rap game; she is playing the relationship game. I suspect that Cardi's money pie is being cut into so many slices, no wonder she needs to sell dolls to have any money for herself.


If you know of a vital link that you think I or others should be watching for, let me know. There is a link to my email at the top of the page; you can message me on here or DM me on Twitter.


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