Flashback Friday: Mike Kyser And Gigi Maguire


Mike Kyser is the president of Black music at Atlantic Records and the one who said something about Ole Girl that Nicki refuses to repeat. I need to know what he said!

He is also close to Jay Z and Angela Yee.

While doing my usual research on his ass, I came upon stories about his love life. The stories reminded me of DJ Akademiks. An ugly nigga who prefers dating strippers and thinks that he can treat women any way he wants because he has money.

Well, around 2015, his ex- Gigi Maguire was on Lip Service with his bestie Angela Yee talking about their

6-month breakup. Gigi said, "We fck'n 4 bitches at the same damn time, and you still gotta..."

I am just always amazed at fugly niggas like this not being happy Gawd blessed them with money so they can get sex. This clip is long but if you have some time take a listen.

I did not know Angela Yee had Lip Service for this long. She has really been putting in the work with this show.


Kyser is one of Lyor Cohen's proteges and worked at Def Jam. How Drew Dixon described Def Jam's culture makes you wonder about the culture at Atlantic Records. Kyser calls Ole Girl his "little nugget." I can't imagine an executive calling Beyonce, Rihanna, Taylor, etc., "little nugget." It's so little girl.

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