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Listen To CupCakke's "How To Rob" Remix

"OMGAWWWWD" (Richard Lomax Voice)

Cupcakke hot off the release of "Gum," has dropped another FIYAH track - "How To Rob" Remix. This track concept is influenced by 50 Cent's classic by the same name and Nicki Minaj's "Barbie Dreams." Like in both of tracks, Cupcakke takes lyrical aim at her peers, but it's all in good Hip Hop fun.

Hopefully, no one gets in their feelings...



"Drop Offset in the jungle since he wants to be a CHEETAH (cheater)😉"

Who da fck is this bitch names Suki?

Poppin Up when promoters can't book me.

Since you like to be on ONLYFANs

I'm the only fan at your shows, what's Goodie

City Girls leaking like a PERIOD

When I pistol-whip them out their Birkin

Open up that bag give me everything you got

Run up on Megan like give me your funds

You can't even run cause you just got shot

I like to Flo Milli in Chicago

Then leave her ass laying there like spin the bottle


Rapper Yung Baby Tate has taken offense to the track. According to her tweets, she has a response...


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