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Listen To DreamDoll's Full Verse On N.O.R.E.'s "Goin Up"


Two things about this track:

  1. DreamDoll outshines N.O.R.E.

  2. This sounds like Fat Joe's "All The Way Up"

DreamDoll accomplished what she wanted to do by calling herself the new Queen of NY. She ruffled some feathers and got attention for the song. However, by making such a bold claim that puts pressure on her to deliver. I think on this track she did.

After listening to the full verse what do y'all think?


DreamDoll's Verse:

"You don't know a chick badder with a flow this sick

All these bitches sound ass, let me talk my shit

New Queen of NY make sure the crown fits

NORE they know the vibes tell'em suck my dick

You shit'n me, your caption ain't matching your energy

Everybody want smoke til they get to the chimney

You bringing up a bunch of old shit, it's a different me

Don't make a bitch go back to how you remember me"


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29 ene 2021

I had to laugh at the feathers she ruffled and even muted and unfollowed one for to saying she was shading Nicki. Because I didn’t get that at all. If she thinks she’s the queen than so be it. Her verse was alright I didn’t get excited over it.

Me gusta
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