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Gucci Mane is sticking with the Texas theme when it comes to signing girls to his 1017 label. Asian Doll,

who was the First Lady of 1017, is from Dallas, TX. In January, Asian Doll left the label to be independent. In May 2020, Gucci signed rapper/singer Kierra Shiday who hails from San Antonio, TX. As of last night, welcome the newest member of the 1017 family, ENCHANTING from Fort Worth, TX.

Enchanting is a rapper/singer who sounds is trap R&B. Gucci Mane posted, "I added a superstar to the team." FUN FACT: Enchanting says she would love to meet Kehlani because she is trying to "cuff something"...I-Oop!


Labelmate KShiday is excited to have another Texas girl on the team. Texas girls are running sh*t.

Gucci Mane says both of these ladies will be a problem. I like both of their sounds, so I will be watching.


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Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
24. Juni 2020

@Priestess, It's going to be interesting what happens when he leaves "racist" Atlantic like he claims. I think is label is with them, but he is still signing people.

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