Instead of tweeting something about "Move Ya Hips," this Barbz decided to explain why she will not be support Megan Thee Stallion's new song. I guess she didn't realize that by being a Barbz, people already know who you support...duh? Megan will be backed by her Hotties and Black girls who have been showing up for her since she was twerking at gas stations. If "Move Ya Hips" does not live up to projections, I want this Barbz and others to remember what they were doing instead of promoting their fave.


Also, if Tory Lanez had not already burned his bridge with Nicki, she would happily do a song with him. The Nicki Minaj this person is speaking of does not exist. Nicki does not get involved in other people's beefs. Name one song she refused to do because the person was beef'n with someone she "liked" ??? Even when 6ix9ine was going at Ariana, did Nicki jump out to defend her "sister?" I already explained why I think YG is upset with her. This is not to put Nicki down, but everything with her seems to be about business. It's not about building friendships, it's not about being a leader within the culture, it's about collecting bags and running up stats.


When you take your emotions out of it, Megan Thee Stallion is following Nicki's "PinkPrint." The reason ya'll don't recognize it, besides being upset about Ole Girl, is because Megan is doing "The PinkPrint +." That plus is the "sociable" element Megan is adding to it. Female rap is headed in the direction of how the guys used to be. The girls are going to link up not because they are besties, but because they can make money. Did ya'll forget that Jason Lee admitted to chasing down Megan after Hot Girl Summer to get her to speak to Cardi B on the phone? That is not the start of a beautiful friendship, that is desperation.

For example, I don't think that Megan and Yung Miami get along. No, I do not believe it's a full-on beef, but I get the feeling their personalities don't mesh. That did not stop Megan from being on two songs with Yung Miami. By the way, many of you canceled her for doing the songs.

Megan puts aside her own personal feelings to do those songs, so why the hell would she then get

involved in Nicki Minaj's beef? She is an artist, not a Barbz. I don't even think Nicki Minaj would tell Megan not to do the song. Stans will just have to get used to Megan not following "The Stan-Print," but paving her own path. That path is not supposed to be a replica of Nicki Minaj's career. Megan Thee Stallion will add to the road that Nicki Minaj paved, just like Nicki added to the road that Lauryn Hill paved. So, enjoy "The PinkPrint +" where Megan kills the feature game just like Nicki Minaj did in 2010 but also participates in cultural/social events like she did when she joined Femme Forward's "Revolutionary Reads" book club.

I am not in taking a side on if you should support the song or not. I am simply saying stop bashing Megan Thee Stallion for handling business the same way your fave does.

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