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Migos Rapper Takeoff Fatally Shot Dead After Private Party At Billiards & Bowling In Houston (Update

Updated:11/2 at 12:33PM PST

The autopsy report is not complete, but the manner of death has been ruled. Takeoff died from gunshot wounds to his head and torso into his arm.

Takeoff's Autopsy Report

I hope this explains why he was not able to just be brought to the hospital like the other victims. He probably died instantly from the headshot.


Update:11/1 at 10:25 AM PST

911 Call via TMZ


Migos Rapper Takeoff, 28, Shot Deat After Private Party With J Prince Jr In Houston. Rumors Are It Was Over A Dice Game Where Quavo Got Into An Argument.

A year after Young Dolph was shot over 22 times while buying cookies for his mom in Memphis and Forty-nine days after PNB Rock was murdered in cold blood while eating at Roscoe's in Los Angeles, it's been confirmed that Takeoff,28, was fatally shot at Houston Bowling Alley.

Takeoff, whose real name is Kirsnick Khari Ball, attended a private party being held by J Prince Jr at 810 Billiards & Bowling in Houston. The party reportedly ended around 1 AM on Tuesday morning, but Quavo, Takeoff, and around 40-50 other people were still hanging around. By 2:40 AM, police found Takeoff shot dead in the walkway in front of the bowling alley.

Rumors are swirling that this shooting is a result of a dice game gone wrong. Quavo allegedly got into an argument with some guys, guns were pulled out, and shots were fired...

Takeoff, knowns as the quiet one of the Migos, was reportedly not even part of the altercation when he was accidentally shot.

This story is still developing.

Sidenote: Wasn't Offsets and Lil Baby's beef allegedly over Offset not paying his debt over a dice game?


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