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Monaleo Remembers Listening To Nicki Minaj Rap About Liking Girls, "Oh My God, You Like Girls Too"


Monaleo, like Lil Nas X, used to be obsessed with Nicki Minaj. That is why you always see her in or around something pink. Well, today on IG Live, she was talking about her Barbz days. She revealed her STAN name, "Willow Minaj," and spoke about her excitement when she thought Nicki Minaj was into girls.

Monaleo said, "I just used to listen to her songs, and she would always talk about how she liked girls. I was like, Oh my god, you like girls too." For those who are unaware, Monaleo is openly bisexual.

I wonder how many girls' hearts did Nicki break when it became clear she was strictly-dickly?


Two weeks ago, Monaleo was featured in Beyonce's Ivy Park Rodeo ad and she recently dropped a new track, "Suck It Up."


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Aug 23, 2021

Nicki never liked girls she was just pandering to get a bigger fan base. A lot of celebs do that dumb shit. That's why most of her fans are gay men. She attracted the back then wit her gimmick


Aug 21, 2021

Lol probably alot of girls like myself. Remember Choke said his niece or somebody in his family turned gay because of Nicki 😩

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