My Review Of UNSEAMLY: The Investigation of Peter Nygard

Unseamly: The Investigation of Peter Nygård delves into the fashion mogul's life. He's been accused of rape and sex trafficking by more than 80 women, which he denies. The series examines the stakes for him and the women who say they were his victims.

I got my Lil 7-day free trial to watch this docuseries, and when I say disturbing...!!! I recommend it if you're into these types of stories, but I can see this easily triggering someone. So, please be aware of that before watching or reading this review.

Let me start by saying that Peter Nygard is Epstein, Cosby, and R. Kelly rolled up into one.

Epstein Traits: He would lure women with promises of a modeling career to the Bahamas, take their passports, lock them in a room, and rape them. He had databases of girls ranked by their looks and that determined invites to parties. He also acted like nothing ever happened after he raped the girls, who were as young as 13-years old. Oh, and he owned the cops.

Cosby Traits: One thing about Nygard was that he did not seem interested in raping a girl who was not drugged first. His bartenders knew to spike the girl's drinks before he would lead them to his bedroom.

R. Kelly Trait: He also was into some very sick shit...literally.

He also wanted girls who did not have anything. They lacked support from family, friends, etc. He preyed on girls who were looking for acceptance and love.

One of the parts that stood out to me was when Beverly Peele told her story. Beverly Peele is a former Super Model for those who do not know. She was raped by Nygard and ended up pregnant. At the time of her rape, she was an adult and married. She did not find out that the baby was his until she gave birth. At the time, she was his company's face and had to fulfill her contract, so she still had to work with him and pose for the cameras. Their son, Trey, did end up having a relationship with Nygard, but something happened that he refused to speak about in the documentary.

Check this shit out. Nygard was obsessed with living forever. It was revealed that he would get girls pregnant, pay for the abortion, and then use the fetus's stem-cells to inject into himself for his fountain of youth bullshit.

So, he was raping women in order to have the fetus tissue he needed to keep his pet project going. I am befuddled.

This man is a tyrant. With Nygard, Epstein, Cosby, and R. Kelly, women never really had a chance. Men get money, power and all they want to do is dominate us.

Well, Nygard is innocent until proven guilty...😒

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