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Nicki Minaj Is The Reason "Do We Have A Problem" Had A 30 Spot FreeFall On Billboard

"Nicki Got 99 Problems But Chart Stability Ain't One." you hear that?

Turn down your music.

Do you hear it now?

That is the sound of another Nicki Minaj song freefalling on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. After much stalling, the numbers are finally in, and Nicki Minaj's "Do We Have A Problem" dropped 30 spots to #32 on the Hot 100 after debuting at #2 just a week ago.

The good news is that it did not have a greater drop than "Trollz," and it is still within the Top 40. The bad

news is that Nicki Minaj is becoming known as the freefall Queen. Hip Hop fans did not need prediction pages to tell us the outcome of DWHAP's second week; it was only a question of where the song would land.

While I would love to drag the Barbras for let'n down their Queen once again, I can't this time. Nicki Minaj not only deserves 100% of the blame for this freefall but earned it for two reasons: her LIES and UNGRATEFUL BEHAVIOR.




First, I cannot explain how ungrateful Nicki Minaj looked when she debuted at #2 and posted only the charts where she managed to get a #1. She could have at least posted her hard-earned #2 debut along with her other accolades. But, instead, she paid it dust and sent the wrong message as the "Queen of Rap."

If Nicki Minaj were more obsessed with moving like a Queen than she is with the title, then maybe the crown wouldn't keep slipping into others' hands. But, for someone who just got their first Hot 100 #1 in 2020 and barely survived a blackballing, one would think she would be more appreciative of what she accomplished.

But, not Nicki. She came off ungrateful and, worse - unrelatable. Instead of turning it into a moment to celebrate and galvanize GP to push for the song to go #1, "for the culture," she reminded people why they have moved on to other girls.



Nicki, Nicki, Nicki...

After "Do We Have a Problem" debuted at #2, Nicki Minaj went on Stationhead and told her fans, "you think the business of payola only has to do with money? No, it also has to do with SUCKING DICK!"

She then insinuated that she was being punished, which is why she ended up at the #2 spot. Of course, now, we all know her Barbras slurped that shit up like it was a hot bowl of Ramen noodles.

A few days later, Nicki went on IG Live and ADMITTED that the lack of radio play was part of the PLAN by her and her record label. They did not push radio play because they wanted to test out which song had the best chance with radio stations and because the radio programmers couldn't decide either.

Nicki never said this on Stationhead. Instead, she allowed her Barbras to go around crying about how other artists get radio play, and they're sucking dick when they could have been making a push for the #1 spot. This is why Nicki earned that 30 spot drop. First, she turned off GP and then snatched hope away from her STANs.

Yesterday Nicki Minaj had the most added song to Rhythmic and Urban radio. So, now I must ask Nicki, did you LIE to your STANs, or did you just invest in some knee pad?


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This has to be most pathetic write up and definitely the one that officially has me washing my hands with your blog. Pissed off what GP? stan twitter? I can’t believe you posted that audio recording…it proves none of what you posted.

You’re worse than lipstickalley with the negative BS.

You only post positive write ups of every other rapper besides Cardi which is BS.


Yaya she definitely posted her #2 achievement and proceeded to say she was grateful and her plus her team were not expecting that high of a debut….

It was added to radio on Thursday which is the last day for streaming, so how would that count towards this week’s BB chart…?

You just be loud and wrong. It’s giving DJ AKADEMIKS…


Wow this post came off as bitter. What’s funny is only Stan’s care about chart positions, being on Twitter you forget the real world really doesn’t. I don’t think there is anything she can do to get you to like or write an unbiased article about her. Wow this blog post really had me speechless. She broke so many records with her songs, I’m glad she’s proud of herself, she should be. Also so many other artists had big drops on billboard, Cardi with Press, Taylor with Willow, J Cole, The Weeknd, etc. I look forward to read the upcoming articles about their free fall. She recently tied with Missy (a goat) in the number of years spent on billboard.…

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Ohhhhhhhhhh so this is what caused the switch up. LMAO well damn

She too damn old for this shit. No one knows what happened BTS yet here you go picking sides like it has ANYTHING to do with you, I also enjoyed her blog just because I enjoy commentary on female rap from a FEMALE's perspective but this has gotten disgusting


Unknown member
Feb 24, 2022

She has such a strong loyal fan base that they are able to get her to debut so high! We all know that uiu Can’t survive on billboard without radio… even though your posting she’s the most added on certain radio stations, it’s still very little AirPlay. She’s barely at 2million + audience, while most songs in the top 10 have 50+ million radio audience. We have others who can’t even chart… some still bubbling under. Look at Lattos Big Energy..: low sales, low streams, but over 35 million airplay..thats why it keeps climbing: it doesn’t mean people are stream, it just means it’s getting pushed on radio. So again, without the 20-30+ million radio audience, it’s impossible to stay…

Feb 24, 2022
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Lol she knows all this I really think she makes post like this for engagement lol I’m truly conviced at this point


i love people say “hotties love shading nicki” then literally bring up the tory lanez case and how meg was lying about getting shot or how she was “two faced” for making a song (“WAP” was the first #1 single on the Billboard Global 200) with Cardi B cause Nicki and Cardi had beef. Sorry that she don’t play by the dumbass rules of rap and was too friendly for bitter bitches on the industry. Y’all will bring up Meg literally ANYTIME Nicki Minaj is mentioned but act like she puts herself in the drama. Okay.

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Lol you talking about case since last august till today cardi fans and Megan fans bring that nicki case in order to dragged her unprovoked. today they give Megan fans the same energy but it’s a problem when they doing that other people can say all kind of shit without any prove against nicki and it’s normal for you ?? Both fanbase are dead wrong because meg and nicki are still human being nothing it’s funny about both situation

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