Nicki Minaj Needs To Speak Out On Latest Accusations Surrounding Husband Kenneth Petty

Kenneht Petty and Nicki Minaj accused of pay off victim in rape allegation


A few days ago, I posted a video of Kenneth Petty's alleged victim claiming Kenny's friends were trying to coerce her into recanting her rape allegations. I will not repost the video here, but it is in the Exposing Season forum area for those curious.

I reposted it because I felt this story would not magically go away and could become a PR nightmare for Nicki Minaj. It appears my spidey senses were correct.

This story is not going away because Youtubers are gaining followers and popularity by speaking on this topic.

I have seen Black Tea Blog. I even posted one of her videos. She is very well-spoken and knows how to deliver information in an easily digestible way for all viewers. However, she comes off like another blogger who is auditioning for Queen Radio.

On the other side, there is Nosey Heaux Live. I just found her last night and watched several of her videos. She is riding hard for this alleged victim and wants this story to blow up. Like Black Tea Blog, she has a way of presenting information that will attract viewers and have people believing anything she says.

Besides those two, you have Khia, Tasha K, and other bloggers taking sides on this story.


Now, I am not here to present a case for either side. I am here to address Nicki Minaj's inability to protect her reputation at all costs...AGAIN!

As the saying goes, "If you don't tell your story, someone else will." Nicki Minaj allowed others to repeatedly tell lies while she ignored them and grew her career. In the short run, that worked out great. Nicki became an international superstar, while others could only get attention by mentioning her name. But, now, Nicki is dealing with a media that has no motivation, to tell the truth, and the public is too lazy to do a Google/Youtube search. Nicki did not guard her reputation with her life. In fact, she put her reputation in the hands of the media &, worse, her enemies. - Article "What Nicki Minaj Can Learn From Lebron James"

Nicki Minaj's talent for sticking her head in the sand like a fck'n ostrich as she depends on fans and bloggers to defend her amazes me. Does any artist of Nick's status leave their legacy in the hands of the starving and incompetent more than Nicki Minaj?

Nicki's avoidance of addressing Kenny's past before and after it became a scandal is why she is dealing with this shit now. When it first came out that Kenny had a Scarlet Letter R on his chest, Nicki should have faced this head-on like an adult on Queen Radio. Kenny should have been allowed to tell his story in his own words. Instead, Nicki opted to speak to fans about an incident that occurred when she was around 11-12 years old on her Instagram page.

While she was in chill'n in her comment section, I was being hit up in my DM by Barbz, who had been sexually assaulted and did not know how to reconcile staying a Nicki Minaj fan. I unwittingly lied and told them not to worry; Nicki would clear this all up on Queen Radio. Those fans, if they are still around, are still waiting on Nicki.


I'm not a fan of Tasha K, but she does have some interviewing skills. Nicki could have "flewed out" Tasha to Los Angeles to interview Kenny on Queen Radio. That is much better than Nicki always painting Kenny to be this violent guy ready to attack anyone who makes her mad.

Nicki has never depicted Kenny out to be anything but a person who is prone to violence. She never told the public about him being funny, reading books, hobbies, etc.; she always portrayed their relationship as her being the one who needs to calm him down from exploding.

Nicki never marketed Kenny in a way for the public to view him as anything but a rapist. I do not want to hear that Kenny is not a public figure. The minute Nicki Minaj started putting him in music videos and all up on her Instagram, he became a public figure. She was treating him like he was going to be part of her brand. Even "Queen Sleeze" is based on Kenny's lifestyle.

Don't twist my words and say I am advocating for Nicki to sell a rapist to her fans. I am saying that Nicki should have presented us with a man she believes was unjustly convicted of a crime he did not do. During the Crime Bill era, a man whose childhood was stolen from him.

If Kenny was my nigga, y'all would be trying to suck his dick, he would be on TIME Magazine and have a Netflix special about his life. In a time when people of all races are taking a closer look at how the justice system treats Black people, particularly Black men, only Nicki would decide to just let the Barbz and bloggers handle it.

This is what has always bothered me about Nicki's relationship with Kenny. She never rode for him like he was an innocent man. As long as her fans liked Kenny, everyone else was accused of being a hater.


I am in no way debating the guilt or innocence of Kenny. But, the ONLY reason people care about Kenneth Petty is because of Nicki Minaj. The ONLY reason this is an issue now is that Kenneth Petty did not handle his responsibilities like an adult, and now Nicki must clean up his mess.

Unfortunately for Kenny, Nicki is not good at cleaning up mess. Even though he has paid for his crime, the court of public opinion is neverending.

Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty is known for having multiple personas. Nicki Minaj, to me, is one of her personas. Nicki is the confident, alpha-female who is a beast on the mic. Roman is her messy bottom attack dog. I need Onika to create a new persona who confronts shit like a fck'n grown up. One that does not hide her head in the sand, behind tweets and deletes, or behind inside jokes on Twitter. Someone that is not afraid to have much needed but uncomfortable conversations. One that is not too cheap to hire professionals instead of using the free but often ineffective help from fans and blogs.


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