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NLE Choppa And Crew Get Into A Fight On Venice Beach

NLE Choppa fight at beach




I do not know what has gotten into NLE Choppa, but that meditating, urban gardener Choppa is gone. Pooja Bawa, on Instagram, captured NLE Choppa and his crew getting into a brawl with a guy riding an electric bike on Venice Beach.

The beginning of the video shows a man on an electric bike exchanging some words with NLE Choppas crew. The guy puts down his bike, takes off his backpack, and then lands a nice two-piece on NLE Choppa. Those locs went flying, LOL. That was the last good shot that man got, but that is all he needed.

NLE Choppa is currently out on bail for an incident in March that led to burglary, drug, and weapon charges.


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