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Atlanta Rapper Omeretta Tells Producer Zaytoven To Come Harder

It looks like Atlanta rapper, Omeretta, is coming back more focused than ever after a hiatus. On Instagram, she posted herself in the studio working with producer Zaytoven. In one clip, you can see that Omeretta is telling him to come harder, LOL. Omeretta knows what she wants and is hungry...that is how I like my rappers.


Omeretta did a freestyle on Bars On I-95. Y'all let me know what you think?


I believe that representation matters, so with that said, I would like to see a dark skin solo girl make it mainstream. There is Omeretta, Dreezy, Chika, Asian Doll, Tierra Whack, and others. There is no reason we should not see a solo dark skin girl charting the way Lauryn Hill, Foxy Brown, and old Lil Kim did.

I think that is a discussion to help female rap be better than declaring female rap is boring, while it's the females keeping the lights on for the genre.


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