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Owen Mooney Alleges Designer Alexander Wang Groped Him In 2017 During a Cupcakke Show


Male model/graphic designer Owen Mooney has ignited a shit storm after recounting the time designer Alexander Wang groped him in a nightclub back in 2017. Owen exposed Wang during a TikTok Q&A video where he said,

"By weird, I guess being sexually assaulted by one counts, right? Cause in 2017, I was in a club in New York City, and um, me and a bunch of mates went to watch the rapper Cupcakke, and the club was just like hectic, so packed. You could not move. I was by myself at one point, and this guy next to me obviously took advantage of the fact that no one could fck'n move, and he just started like touching me up and like fully up my leg, like in my crotch. It made me like freeze completely cause I was in so much shock, and then I look to my left to see who it was, and it was this really famous fashion designer."

Mooney then decided to reveal that his alleged groper was designer Alexander Wang after a commenter guessed correctly.

Alexander Wang denied all these allegations in a New York Times feature. Wang wrote, "These claims have been wrongfully amplified by social media accounts infamous for posting defamatory material from undisclosed and/or anonymous sources with zero evidence or any fact-checking whatsoever."

One of the social media accounts he is calling out allegedly is "ShitModelManagment." They are a fashion industry watchdog account that exposes BTS bullshit. They are keeping a detailed account of these allegations and allege that Wang has sexually assaulted trans models too. The page is also trying to get people to boycott the designer.

This is not the first time allegations of sexual misconduct against Alexander Wang have been exposed. In 2019, Azealia Banks had posted about Wang's criminal behavior. I guess some of Wang's fans are coming for Banks now.

These are only allegations at this point. Wang is innocent until proven guilty...blah, blah, blah.

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UPDATE: 12/4 5:40 PM PST


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