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Pardi Channels His Inner Tory Lanez On Pathetic Megan Thee Stallion Diss Song "Thee Person"

Pardison Fontaine Drops Megan Thee Stallion Diss Track.

Amidst the ongoing conversation about misogyny and abusive behavior in hip-hop, Pardison Fontaine decided to drop a Megan Thee Stallion diss track titled "Thee Person." This ill-timed and poorly executed response to Megan's new single "Cobra," where she alludes to being cheated on, is a rambling mess of negative headlines and a pitiful attempt by Pardi to portray himself as her savior. 

What's particularly disturbing is how Pardi's words eerily resemble those of Tory Lanez, the man convicted of shooting Megan. Similar to Tory Lanez's attempt to paint Megan as a lost girl in need of saving, Pardi presents himself as a rejected protector. This narrative is not only patronizing but a huge red flag.

Also, just as Tory Lanez had a tantrum over Megan speaking out about her assault on his birthday, Pardi whines about Megan's song dropping on his daughter's birthday. The way Pardi shamelessly exploits his daughter's birthday to attack Megan, Smh. Is Megan supposed to check everyone's birthday calendars before releasing her music?

Pardi's mimicking of Tory Lanez's behavior is not what I expected from a self-proclaimed feminist. But, since he seems to be channeling his inner Tory, let's just hope he gets the same dead-end results. Judging by Twitter's response to this track, he's well on his way.


Pardison Fontaine Drops Megan Thee Stallion Diss Track

Even though I do hope Megan Thee Stallion has a song on her album addressing people like Drake, I do not think she needs to be in any rush to respond to Pardi. This song sounds amateurish - his voice, flow, and delivery were "Thee Mess." 

Pardi should be embarrassed because no one was thinking about his ass, but then again, maybe that was the problem and why he decided to drop this track. He sees that Megan is doing just fine without him and doing it independently on her own label, something he wants to do. This diss track is under his indie label. If he can't be bigger than her, then he wants to hurt and humiliate her because that is what men in Hip-Hop do when their feelings get hurt and egos are bruised. Every woman is a slut, has a ghostwriter, a fake body, and no friends...we have heard it all before.

All of this to NOT deny what Megan Thee Stallion said in "Cobra."

Remember, Megan had removed and unfollowed Pardison on IG at least a month before he decided to do the same. Plus, he had that poem without a response from her. On "Cobra," Megan says, "He keeps calling; I ignore it."

Riddle me this: If Megan is so problematic, why are you chasing problems, Pardi? 


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