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Question Of The Day: Are Brand Deals More Important To Artists Than Dropping Albums?

Rappers putting brand deals in front of albums


On the latest episode of "The What? Hip Hop, Questions, Legends, and Lists," hosts Nyla and Mouse Jones debated if brand deals were distracting artists from the music with guest Wayno.

One of the artists used as an example was Cardi B. She has not dropped an album since 2018's Invasion Of Privacy. One of the points brought up regarding Cardi was that with her business ventures (Reebok, etc.), she would probably make more money off her brand partnerships than from her upcoming album.

That got me thinking about Saweetie, who just dropped her McDonald's Saweetie Meal but is taking her sweet Lil time in dropping her forthcoming album.


I want to know if y'all think that music has become rappers' secondary hustle because they are living so good off endorsements and if you believe that is why some are not in a rush to drop albums?

Are the Rap Girls more concerned about brand deals than rap music?

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Aug 20, 2021

Saweetie is the only person that has more endorsements than actual singles lol. Alot of it came after her breakup too.

At least Cardi have 1 album, that they can go and listen to.

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