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Rapper Amy Luciani Calls Out Renni Rucci For Stealing Her Lyrics Word For Word

amy luciana says Renni Rucci stole her verses. Latto responds

Will the real reference track owner, please stand up!


Renni Rucci finds herself some BIG drama after rapper Amy Luciani exposed her for stealing her lyrics word for word. Amy claims she tried initially dealing with this like a grown woman and professional by privately contacting Renni but was blocked. Amy wrote, "Only in the crazy world of Hip Hop do you DM an artist to ask HOW DID YOU GET MY VERSE AND ASKED MATURELY TO HAVE HER LABEL CONTACT ME BECAUSE THIS COULD NOT BE ON HER BUT POSSIBLY ON HER TEAM/PRODUCER/LABEL..NO LAWYERS NEED TO BE thing you know she blocked me."

Amy posted a side by side of her track and Renni's version.

As we can hear, this is the same shit. The question is how did this happen?





Renni Rucci admits that she used a reference track that was given to her by her label. She blames the label for putting her in a fck'd up situation and says she no longer uses reference tracks. The plot twist comes when Renni also claims that Amy used the same reference track and didn't write the shit either.

The only thing is that Renni wouldn't say who wrote the track, but kept putting it back on Amy that she knows where she got the reference from. That, to me, could have been a way to add more confusion to the situation. Why can't you just say who wrote the track?


You know Latto is not one to bite her tongue. She took a shot at Renni over this ghostwriter situation. Latto wrote, "How ima respond when idk who wrote it? U gone have me dissing Amy😂😂😂😂"

Renni then accused Latto of using reference tracks and having ghostwriters. "You and I both know ya pen got training wheels."

The standard response when someone is caught using a ghostwriter is "well, everyone does it or your fave does it too." I need more than that for me to start questioning Latto's pen.


What is y'all take on this whole situation?


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kbyte prez
kbyte prez
May 29, 2021

Latto so petty and I love it!!!! 😂😂😂 Renni should have never made that diss over the word "Big" now she can be "Big Mad" over getting exposed "Big Time".

kbyte prez
kbyte prez
May 29, 2021
Replying to

No a Pussy move was starting a rap beef with a female just because she talking her shit on a song by calling herself the "Biggest". Now that same girl is getting exposed for not writing "How ima respond when idk who wrote it? U gone have me dissing Amy😂😂😂😂". Renni also involved Dreezy and other female rappers when Latto droped her song that was not directed towards anyone!!!!

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