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Rapper Mir Pesos500 Talks To Nosey Heaux Live About Cardi B Allegedly Stealing His Song

UPDATE: 2/9 at 5:41 PM PST

Mir Pesos spoke with Hip Hop News Uncensored and said that he has Wack 100 working on the legal stuff when it comes to his dispute with Cardi B. 👀


UPDATE: 2/8 at 2:23 PM PST

Shout out to the internet detectives!

Cardi-Keyser-Copycat and her STANs questioned how she would know Mir Pesos and Mir Fontane. Well, because in 2019, one of the producers on "UP, " DJ SwanQo, produced a track that featured Mir Fontane. DJ SwanQo also follows Mir Fontane on Instagram, and we know how much a follow/unfollow means in the female rap world😏.

Cardi, who struggles to rebrand herself as a writer, not a biter, now claims she only gets help on her hooks. Well, the hook is the issue when it comes to these allegations. We know where you got the catchphrase "I know dats right."


Also, Ole Girl claims that if she borrows from other artists, she has no problem paying because she paid Kodak Black. That is nonsense. At the time, Kodak Black was a bigger artist, and he is a labelmate. She has borrowed from many artists; are they all getting paid?


"When you take a song from me, you weren't just taking it from me. You were taking it from my city."


New Jersey Rapper Mir Pesos500 sat down with Youtuber Nosey Heaux Live to discuss the similarities between his song "Stuck," featuring Mir Fontane and Cardi B's new single "UP." Pesos revealed he recorded his song in early 2020 and started performing it at shows before COVID took off. The song became a local hit, which is why so many fans are riding hard for him to receive his due credit.

Pesos500 said initially he was not paying any mind to the people tagging him about Cardi stealing his song until his producer hit him up about the beat. Pesos told Nosey Heaux Live, "he knows when someone try to switch a beat or do something." That is when he facetiously tweeted, "tell her to run my money."

Pesos500 does not blame Cardi B or Offset. He claims it's people around her like her producers.

This is where I think there might be a case. I posted about this drama in the forum area. It is honestly frustrating that every time a top female rapper drops a new song, here comes smaller artists claiming something was stolen from them. This "Up then you stuck" hook sounds similar to Crime Mob's "Knuck If You Buck." I feel like there really isn't a case against Cardi B...yet; however, there may be one against her producers, Sean Island, DJ SwanQo, and Yung Dza.

In the past, I have spoken on "ghost producers" and particularly in Cardi B's case, her working with producers who recreate other producers' beats. So, technically they did create the music, but they copied someone else's sound.

Pesos500 exclusively told Nosey Heaux Live that he does not get his beats off Youtube. His producer, Wayne Campbell, makes his beat from scratch to avoid what is happening to Cardi B. Remember I told y'all that Saweetie was sitting with producers who were making beats personally for her debut album? She is not using beat packs. Smart move on her part.

Pesos500 is not interested in clout, he just wants the recognition of his music.


Y'all let me know what you think about this whole thing. Did Cardi steal the song, parts of the song, just the beat, or it's Cardi B doing what she has been doing? Why be mad now...


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Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
Feb 09, 2021


Yeah, she was quick to throw her producers under the bus LOL.


Feb 09, 2021

She also said that he need to sue the producer. Could that mean she know he wrote/stole the hook? Find out in the next court case lol

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