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Recording Academy Announce More Rule Changes, But Will It Really Change Anything For Artists?

Grammy rule changes - no more chart and streaming data


The Recording Academy is still trying to recover from the PR nightmare of the Deborah Dugan fallout and The Weeknd calling the Grammy process corrupt and claiming he will not be submitting works for future Grammys after being "snubbed" for the 2021 awards.

Now, it must be noted that The Weeknd is a Grammy winner and had no issues with the process when he was benefiting. He said nothing during the Deborah Dugan corruption claims either.

Anyways, back in April, the Recording Academy announced it would get rid of secret committees. But, it looks like they are not done with rule changes. The new rules for the 2022 Grammy Awards states, charts numbers, number of streams, sales figures, or RIAA awards may not be included in the label/artists "For Your Consideration" submissions.



What's amusing about these new rules is that I thought they were the old rules, LOL. I never understood people bringing up Billboard stats when someone did not get nominated or an argument for winning. What made the Grammys different from other award shows is that the winners were picked by people who actually know music and how it was created. That is why artists get so emotional over the award because it signifies that your peers and the industry fck with you.

Also in the rules of conduct, it states, "Voters shall not allow their choices to be suggested, directed or influenced by anything other than their own analysis of merit, including, but not limited to: personal friendships, company loyalties, regional preferences, or sales volume/popularity."

Now, they can write whatever they want about not allowing personal friendships, blah, blah to sway your vote, but that won't happen. People will still get together and do a favor for a favor. It's human nature.

Artists will still have to schmooze and be liked by their peers.

My suggestion would be if you're an artist that does not view the Grammys as having any value, then don't submit your work (looking at you, Drake). Once you submit your work to be judged, you are saying that you still value the award.

Now, I'm not saying you can't complain about the Recording Academy, but don't piss on your Grammy one minute, and then ask them to consider you the next.


What are y'all thoughts on these changes? Do these changes benefit the artist in anyway?


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Jul 18, 2021

People are going to still find something to complain about regardless of new changes.

Jul 19, 2021
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