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Rico Nasty Calls Playboi Carti Fans "Anti-Black Ass Crowd" After Getting Booed On King Vamp Tour


Twitter comes to Rico Nasty's defense after a video goes viral of Playboi Carti fans relentlessly booing her as she tries to perform as one of the opening act on his "King Vamp" Tour.

Rico Nasty, who often gets rave reviews for her performances, somehow was not up to the standards of Playboi Carti fans last Sunday. In the viral video circulating the Twitter streets, you can hear the crowd chanting "Carti, Carti" as Rico tries yelling over them, "This is fck'n lame. He doesn't even know you."

After the show, Rico Nasty did not hold back as she shot off several tweets about the incident. In one tweet, she says, "Anti Black ass crowd. Weak ass little boys wit blonde pubes. Ugh. Get me out of here." One Playboi Carti fans responded, "We're not anti Black, we just want to see Carti and Ken Car$on more than you😂." So, I guess they are just anti Black women...



Rico deserved so much better.


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Miembro desconocido
12 nov 2021

That was pretty stupid for her to say Anti-Black crowd, when they’re literally there to see Playboi Carti.. although I would pay to see her over playboi carti anytime

Me gusta
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