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Rolling Ray Talks About Caresha's Deceased Baby Daddy In Sad Attempt For Attention


Rolling Ray is another person doing for the blogs. He is 6ix9ine in a wheelchair. He is addicted to the reactions of strangers and keeps pushing it and pushing it until someone pushes his ass down some...nvm.

Rolling Ray decided to bring up Caresha's baby daddy's death. We all know how hard Caresha took his passing and probably still is grieving. Even Asian Doll did not go there. He should have just kept his issue with Santana.


REMINDER: We had a rap battle where kids and mothers were brought up, and those two rappers are chillin'. Now, they may have issues if they see each other or not, but they are not all up on the internet showing out. When you play for FANs vs STANs and blogs it's different.


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