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Rumor Me This: Kanye Spotted Facetiming Fat Joe and Cardi B While Listening To Donda 2???


An infamous celebrity gossip page on IG put out a tip they received saying Kanye was seen facetiming Fat Joe, and Cardi B while listening to Donda 2. As we know, there have been rumors of a Cardi B and Ye collaboration, but it has not been made clear if it is a Cardi track, an ad, or will Cardi B be on Donda 2.

What do y'all think Cardi B and Ye are working on?


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06 de fev. de 2022

If I'm not mistaken, in the interview with Jason, he mentioned writing writing her verse. So could be for his album.

With these messages, back and forth he's doing with Kim, nobody is going to be interested in the music the time it comes out.

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