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Saucy Santana Drops Music Video For New Song "Bop Bop"

Saucy Santana New Single "Bop Bop"

Saucy Santana dropped the music video to his soon-to-be club banger "Bop Bop." This song, produced by his own Quincy Jones, Tre Trax, is bringing back that party rap from back in the day, just updated. It's fun, catchy, and perfect for clubs. It also has a lot of elements that just begs for a crowd to repeat at shows

"When I'm on the scene all the hoes gon' jock

Phone gon' ring, coins don't stop

Clubbin' all night, bottles gon' pop

Step off in the spot, bop-bop-bop"

The video keeps with the club and party feel of the song showing Saucy Santana just out living his best nighlife. The only thing I do not like is the artwork, but otherwise, this song is getting added to my playlist.


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